Film Office Seeks Funding Partners

The Mendocino County Film Office, which is housed and supported mainly by the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce, continues to apply for funding partnerships throughout the county.

This year the Fort Bragg Promotions Committee was able to budget $800 from the City of Fort Bragg to help with some of the expenses of the Film Office.  We have also learned that Visit Mendocino has budgeted $5,000 this year for the film office. These funds will help cover some of the expenses such as promoting the county at the Association of Film Commissioners International (A.F.C.I.) Locations Tradeshow, in the spring. As well as the film commission training and attendance at A.F.C.I.’s Cineposium this fall, promotion at various events, expenses related to assisting location scouts when they are scouting our county, and Film Hats for events and scouts who come to our county looking for locations.

Other expenses associated with the Film Office are memberships with A.F.C.I. and the F.L.I.C.S. (Film Liaisons In California Statewide), as well as support and attendance at the California Only Tradeshow (coordinated jointly by the Film Liaisons In California Statewide and the California Film Commission), and attendance at quarterly board meetings of the F.L.I.C.S. We also support the C.O.L.A.’s (California On Location Awards) where location scouts and managers are recognized for their work in finding the perfect location, and working through the obstacles associated with filming on location.

The Film Office was pleased to be a part of the welcoming committee for the Producer’s Guild of America (P.G.A.), when Visit Mendocino asked the Mendocino County Film Office to say a few words at the luncheon. It was held in Ukiah at Parducci’s, Saturday, October 10, 2009. Mendocino County Film Hats were distributed as welcome gifts from the film office at the event.

About 25 members of the P.G.A. made a weekend trip from their meeting in San Francisco to visit Mendocino County. They stayed in Hopland, ate in Ukiah, sampled the wines all over our wine region, and had a shopping time in the beautiful village of Mendocino, a fabulous catered reception in Elk and then dinner in Elk, before heading back to Hopland.

We were pleased to learn that one of the attendees with the Producers Guild is considering bringing a project to our county. We continue to be in contact with him to assist in making this happen.

We have also been busy helping a scout for a catalog shoot in the month of November. Assisting with finding props, locations, and lodging is a part of what the Mendocino County Film Office does, as well as guiding them through the permit process, contacts, services, and more.

The Mendocino County Film Office now has a Facebook Page where you can post location photos and you can follow us on Twitter.

For more information on the Film Office you can find us at


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