Do you have an event coming up and have

• Is it your 20th high school reunion and you want to make an old boyfriend
• jealous?
• Do you have your 10th Anniversary coming up and you want a stylish outfit?
• Is it your sweet 16 and really want a “one of a Kind” dress to impress your friends?
• Is it your 30th Birthday and just want to feel 21 again?
• Is it your wedding day and want a custom made dress but can’t afford it?
• Do you have SOCIAL GALA to attend and don’t have the slightest idea what to wear?

If any of these scenarios are coming up in your life or another event that justifies a new designer outfit then we NEED to hear from you.

2 Top designers will be traveling the US looking for Amazing WOMAN to makeover from Head to Toe! We will select only a few from each state and will be designing a “one of a kind” outfit for EACH event.

Why look through your closet to wear the same dress you wore just 2 months ago when you can have something made especially for you, and especially for the event. Some would say this type of outfit would be very expensive but in actuality it is PRICELESS!

These two designers will spend the day with you, learning your STYLE, speaking with your LOVED ONES and friends, THEN they will create something especially for you.

Please send the following in an email to
1) Contact information, email, phone, address
2) Describe yourself, personality, age
3) Tell me about the event, date, who will be there, any special things to know…long lost love, daughters wedding, just lost 50 lbs?? What’s the story?
4) Pictures close up and full body
5) If this is not you please pass on this information to friends or anyone else that you feel would know of someone that would be great for this show!

He dates of the events should fall on 7.10 7.17 or 7.24


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