Film Mendocino Promotes County as Location

Cora Olson wins Film Mendocino’s Gift Basket

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from Los Angeles, where I was invited to represent
Mendocino County Film at the California Film Commission‘s third annual
California Locations Reception. Film executives were in attendance to learn more about the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program.

Our Film Liaisons In California Statewide Board meeting was held right after the event.

The next day spent promoting our locations via table top displays at the California Only Show, April 2, 2011. Those of us with wine regions poured wine at our tables and handed out location information to nearly 300 location professionals.

This show was all about California’s locations. CFC has created a great reference booklet showcasing our regions.

As many of you know, our film industry in California is eroding as productions are migrating to states that offer incentive programs. The California Film Commission was successful in getting legislators to pass a film tax credit in 2009 for California. If you are interested in the latest hearings on the subject (03/18/2011), you can view through this link.


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